Quote: I Don’t Want to Know


There are some things I had rather never know.
So you may remember I said when You began to teach me mathematics.

from Lovers’ Vows Act III Scene ii, by Mrs. Inchbald


2 thoughts on “Quote: I Don’t Want to Know

  1. Surely, in the case of mathematics, it’s not that knowing it would be undesirable in itself, but that some people would rather spend the time and effort necessary to acquire the knowledge on other things.

    • Maybe for those of us who have L-space in their brain. For everyone else, storage space is limited.
      How would I remember the minutiae of Central European sock trousseaux if I had to remember calculus as well?
      Of course, this is based on the understanding that knowing about socks will be of greater use to me in my chosen profession than calculus will. Different strokes for different folks!

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