Who Would You Be in Middle Earth?

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Hobbit, elf or wizard?
Dunadan or dwarf?
Eagle, ent or oliphaunt?
Man (or woman) of Gondor, Rohan or elsewhere?
Or would you be someone else entirely?


4 thoughts on “Who Would You Be in Middle Earth?

  1. I’ve always thought I’d like to be Eowyn of Rohan. She’s got a good brother, she gets to fight, and she winds up with a nice prince and a good piece of land in the end. Of course, she also has to suffer through Wormtongue’s attentions and nearly dying in said fighting, but hey. Aragorn saves her. 🙂

    • Ah, nothing like a good bit of land to go with your prince 🙂
      Tolkien didn’t write very many female characters, but the ones he wrote are brilliant, in my opinion. Eowyn is probably also on my list of Fictional People I Admire – soul sister of Jane Eyre, in a strange way.

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