An Act of Piety

Shakespeare and Company bookshop

“When Providence throws a good book in my way, I bow to its decree and purchase it as an act of piety, if it is reasonably or unreasonably cheap. I adopt a certain number of books every year, out of a love for the foundlings and stray children of other people’s brains that nobody seems to care for.”
from The Poet at the Breakfast Table
by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


4 thoughts on “An Act of Piety

  1. Ha! I have the same attitude as this gentleman. Books are to be taken care of!

    Side note: that library/bookstore looks like a great place to set up a desk and write in a frenzy (especially for NaNoWriMo). I like a messy place to write!

    When I worked at a school library, I actually had to throw away books on a regular basis! They were pretty boring books, but still. It hurt.

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