A Room by Any Other Name

The Langford Family in their Drawing Room) by James Holland, RWS
would smell as sweet (if kept properly aired). Or would it? Does it make a difference to your feelings about the main room in your house if you call it the sitting-room instead of the lounge? The drawing-room (or even withdrawing-room) instead of living-room? Would you perhaps converse more if it was called a parlour?

What do you call that room – and have you ever wanted to call it something else?


3 thoughts on “A Room by Any Other Name

  1. I love the word “parlor.” At least in American English, it sounds formal, but also light. A little pompous, but fun. I think I shall call my apartment “the antechamber,” since you walk in and think it must lead somewhere else, but it doesn’t – that’s it!

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