Everyday Clothing


Erik Satie wore suits of chestnut velvet. Steve Jobs wore jeans and a black turtleneck.

What about you? If you had to choose one style of clothing, one outfit, one ‘look’ to wear every day for the foreseeable future, what would it be?


4 thoughts on “Everyday Clothing

  1. Cargo pants, t-shirt, and a hoodie tends to be my favoured blend. Comfortable and practical. Because one still wants to be able to carry stuff on their person, but who wants to carry and keep track of a bag?
    My favourite hoodie is bold yellow, of course. It matches about a third of my hair. (Graphic designers can get away with absurd style choices, really, before they’re considered ‘unprofessional’.)

    • Nice! I used to like cargo-skirts, myself (saved that pesky bag) but my chapstick always ended up melted.
      I am happy to say that writers, also, can tread unusual sartorial terrain without people doubting they can do their job.

      • It must be a leniency afforded to creatives—I’ve seen artists do funky things with facial hair. And hats. My hats are in a dusty dark hole somewhere, with my bags. And other untouched things.

      • I think you’re right. Creatives are expected to be creative. But who wants to see a creative accountant?
        I hope I never get the chance to be creative with facial hair! (Or at least, not on my face…)
        As for hats, generally people are either hat people, or they’re not. I myself am seldom bare-headed, even indoors.

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