Special Delivery…

Bungle of OzWhat’s the worst thing you’ve ever had a pet bring into the house?


2 thoughts on “Special Delivery…

  1. I don’t know about “worst,” but certainly one of the most memorable was when the grey tabby we had out in the village brought a 4 inch live praying mantis into the house. It was bright green and must have been a female carrying eggs to protect, because when he set it down, it promptly popped up and squared off with him. He was batting at it and thought it all fun and games until it got ahold of his ear. 🙂 I think Mom wound up using a dustpan with a magazine cover to return the mantis outside.
    One of our other cats used to regularly bring in dead mice, which she would then eat (most of) under the beds. Guess who got to crawl under there to scoop out the bits that were left?

    • Ew! In my opinion, cats should have to finish what they started. I don’t mind so much having to chuck out a whole dead mouse, it’s the bits (and the blood) that’s ooky.
      I may be cruel-hearted but I did smile at the thought of your cat wearing an angry mantis earring 🙂

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