The Worst Weed

dandelionknight-2400pxOpinion poll: which, in all the world of weeds, is the worst? Which would you most dislike to see growing in your garden (if you have one)?


12 thoughts on “The Worst Weed

  1. My vote is for poison ivy. I was so happy to discover that the poison ivy by the creek disappeared for the winter, but nope, after a visit my ankle was still itching like crazy. I must attack it hard next year so it never makes it beyond the edges of the garden!

  2. Thistles are pretty bad. They prickle right through thick gloves. But currently I’m battling through a whole vegetable garden full of nameless tentacled things with very deep tap roots.

  3. I loathe stickyweed! And it’s everywhere in my garden! I wear rubber gloves when trying to pull the stuff, but it still manages to brush the skin of my arms, and give me hot itchy rashes, which burn hotter still when I wet them!

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