Gargoyle Chip Report V

Carcassonne gargoyle 2

This week, I am happy to announce, I did make a little progress. Not much, but enough to knock a sneer off an uppity gargoyle’s face.

Mending sheets: one small hole darned, three worn areas outlined for patching.
Curtains: borrowed a book from the library on how to make curtains.
Rose quilt: no progress.

It ain’t much, but I’m claiming it. How about you?

Gargoyle Chips Report IV

Kerber-Jacobs quarryProgress this week?

Nowt. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Nothing.

Assuming we’re talking about chipping away at gargoyles, that is. I did a whole heap of other things, many of which were large and tiring jobs, which is probably why no progress on the gargoyles. I tend to do most of my non-portable handwork in the evenings, relaxing as my husband reads aloud. This week, the evenings were more fit-in-one-more-job-and-then-crash. Or sometimes just crash, minus the job.

So not an overwhelming quantity of good news at this end. How are your gargoyles going? Still chipping away?